Sunday, 31 October 2010

Granny is back.

Zara blouse, vintage Jaeger skirt from charity shop, M&S tights, Clarks shoes, belt from charity shop, necklace from little shop in St Ives

Seems odd to be starting blogging again with an outfit that screams 'granny'; not exactly full of vitality and eagerness! Oh well, I have been meaning to show you this outfit for aaagggeeessss. I found this skirt in Oxfam at home over the summer and couldn't leave the fabulous print behind. However, the original plan was to re-hem it, somewhere just above the knee probably. After relegating it to the sewing pile, I then promptly forgot all about it until I found it when packing to come back to university. By this point however I had read all about the new 'midi' length in various magazines, and so decided to attempt to style it at the current somewhat awkward length. It was actually surprisingly easy; I just made sure to wear a tight top half and to belt it at my waist to try and keep some form of shape going on. Also made sure to wear some sheer tights, since I have been told many times by Grazia that this skirt length requires some calf flash-age to ensure you retain some degree of sexual appeal, and don't look like someone's actual granny. Out also came the amazing pink Clarks shoes that I also have in electric blue because they were just too awesome and reduced for me to leave them (£25 for suede shoes in amazing colours!) There was also a rather freaky coincidence in Barnados that day; originally I was wearing a black belt with this skirt, which looked a bit rubbish but was the best I could do, but I then went into Barnados and found 4 suede or leather belts which fitted me perfectly in various bright colours. There is the pink one pictured here; a turquoise suede one, a bottle green studded suede one, and an electric blue suede one. Which I got for £1.99 each. The charity shop fairies were looking out for me that day.
Sorry this post is a little jumbled. Just excited to be writing again and need to catch up; shall try and post something a little more coherent in the next few days!

Ooh, I'm also meant to be dressing up for Halloween tomorrow night, but still can't figure out what the fuck to wear as a costume.... any suggestions?? I'm finding it very difficult with my hair at such an inbetween length.

Friday, 29 October 2010

I realise I haven't posted as I promised. I'm sorry. I've gotten back, but am still ill, and have been for about 3 weeks now... I'm just feeling somewhat run down. I've only been back at university a month and just feel so damn tired. I'm hoping to get on top of it in the next few days. As soon as I feel I can write a half decent post I'll get one down for you. Sorry.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I know I'm somewhat useless.

This is just a tiny post to apologise for being crap and not posting in like, over a week or something equally crazy. I have shit loads of outfits to post, I'm just not being a terribly disciplined blogger and have a couple of things that are perhaps distracting me from my usual blogging time. One being the fact my boyfriend now lives in a separate flat to me (we had lived together previously) and so in the past, I would happily type away whilst sat in his room. Except now I am round at his without my laptop and therefore not blogging. Also, an equally pathetic reason, I used to blog whilst sat on my bed; however, am now confined to sitting in my desk chair whilst using laptop due to university accommodation's silly not wireless network.
These are both crap reasons I know, apologies once again.
I am currently at home for an extended weekend but shall be returning to my own laptop tomorrow and promise to post again then.
Thanks for still bothering to glance at my inarticulate ramblings.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

2 outfits, 1 day

first outfit- Monsoon Fusion dress worn as blouse, French Connection skirt, Marks and Spencer jacket via charity shop, H&M belt, Topshop earrings, Pilgrim ring, bag via charity shop, Office shoes

second outfit- H&M dress and belt, Dr Martens boots, necklace from my lovely mum, Pilgrim ring, vintage bag

I am currently full of Fresher's flu so am not going to write much, but I really wanted to start getting rid of the photos on my camera (I've got about a week's outfit backlog).

First outfit- really pleased with these velvet blazer I recently found at work for £4- I wanted some velvet items for my autumn wardrobe, but really didn't want to pay high street prices when I knew there would be some floating around in charity shop magicland somewhere. A trip to the dry cleaners to remove the musty stench and voila! Also, my mum burnt a massive hole in the slip I need to wear with this dress, hence why I'm wearing it as a blouse. Also, note co-ordination of earrings and dress print!
This is my 'I'm embarrassed about taking photos in public' face by the way.

Second outfit- I wore this out to the Union later that evening. It wasn't until I stepped out of the house that I realised I'd accidentally dressed in an insanely 80's manner.... the lace and ruffles on the dress, the belt, the crimped hair... oh dear. Also fixed the red eye on these, so apologise if I look somewhat startled, that's probably why.

I'm now going to go and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and drink Lemsip. Hope you're all feeling somewhat better than I am.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


dress- Dorothy Perkins, cardigan- H&M via charity shop, belt- Laura Ashley via charity shop, M&S tights, Faith shoes

I think I may have fallen in love today.

I'm totally going to muck up the chronology of my posts, since this is from today and I've still got stuff to show you from earlier in the week, but fuck it. I have to tell you about this dress.

I happened to stumble into Dorothy Perkins yesterday, despite the fact I have hardly any money at all right now (the initial student loan magic has worn off- sad times). I basically did it because I'm a wreak of girly hormones and wanted to just have a nosey. I had a look through the sales rack and stumbled across above dress. Despite it's colour (I usually have an unnatural aversion to anything vaguely neutrally such as khaki, brown or beige) I thought I'd give it a try since I've been trying to find more floral vintage style dresses.

So I took it into the changing room, not expecting much, especially with hormone goggles, but as soon as I put it on I knew I had to have it. It just does the most incredible thing to my figure. Although I've felt like I've had my boobs out something crazy all day and have been terribly self conscious at times, I just love what this dress does to my chest and my waist. And my bum actually. Usually with these kinds of dresses I sacrifice something in that the top half looks good but the bottom is a little on the large side; not with this one however. I feel like we were made to be together. I even like the colour, especially with the flecks of lilac and pink. I think perhaps khaki suits me better than I thought.

One slight problem however is the sleeves. I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I never show all of my arms; they're somewhat on the flabby side and are just best hidden under a cardigan or some three quarter length sleeves. I'm debating attempting to add some extra sleeve myself to just cover up the widest bit of my arm, although I think I may be too in love now to even attempt to unpick any of this beautiful beautiful thing. We shall see.

Apologies for the state of my room. Still haven't managed to get to Argos to buy more clothes storage (on the to do list for tomorrow). I must go to sleeps; it's 3.08 in the morning but I was just too excited to not post this now. Night everyone. Hope you have great weekends. And you don't think I'm too self absorbed (actually, I write a fashion blog, on some level I AM definitely self absorbed).

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Decent photos coming soon!

Dorothy Perkins dress, Boden shirt, vintage blazer, M&S tights, Faith shoes, charity shop belts, bangles and badges (ok, so a couple of the bangles are from the high street or my mum)

I'm sorry for being such a shit blogger. I think this may be the longest I haven't posted for apart from when I was out of the country. I've been back at uni for a couple of weeks now and what with crazy amount of fresher's events, duvets to buy (I forgot mine-FACEPALM) and friends to catch up with, blogging has taken a back seat somewhat. My clothes are also still in a state of chaos somewhat due to the lousy amount of wardrobe space the Accommodation Office feels is sufficient for a student. WELL I'M SORRY UNIVERSITY, ONE TINY LOUSY WARDROBE IS NOT GOING TO ACCOMMODATE ALL OF MY CRAP.

Sorry, rant over. I've been feeling kind of up and down and all over the place lately as well, due to unexpected accommodation situations and... I'm not sure what else. I think it's just proving a little more difficult settling back into student life than last year.

Anyway, onto the outfit. Despite being back with my beautiful Kathleen, we are yet to spend any time together prancing around in the library taking photos. So, you've just got me standing in my room staring at my feet again.

Look at the awesomeness that is the blazer! A friend of my mum's found a load of her 80s clothing in her house and very kindly donated a tweed suit to me. Let's not talk about the skirt. Suffice to say, waistlines have definitely got thicker. I was trying to go for some kind of country/schoolgirlish type thing. I also wanted to whip out all these amazing badges I've been finding in charity shops recently. And then I thought, hell, let's shove on crap loads of bangles too. Was also attempting to layer my belts but I don't think that worked quite so well.

Also, feel like I may finally be succeeding at putting my hair up in some kind of messy topknot thing. But my feelings towards my currently growing hair change all the time. I have a major case of growing pains.

Right. I must go to bed. Contemporary Latin America lecture in... 9 hours. Whoops.