Monday, 28 February 2011

February's Make Up

So, here is another video post, once again about make up... I do have some outfit posts lined up, but I bought new make up today and was excited so wanted to rabbit on at a camera. Shall post those soon.

Also, please do tell me what you think about video posts. If you don't like them I really will stop doing them.

As I said in the video, now I must go watch Being Human *yay*

Friday, 25 February 2011

Stars and staples

H&M dress, tee shirt and earrings, M&S tights, Office shoes, Dorothy Perkins ring

So here are yet more old gems from the wardrobe. This H&M dress is about 5 years old; I really adore it but don't wear it that often because the colours in the 'flowers' are actually really difficult to match, and I always just end up wearing it with black, which I feel doesn't do it justice really. Oh well. Here it is anyway. I also adore these shoes, but they are hideously uncomfortable; also, whilst wearing them out yesterday, the heel cap on the left one caught on a paving slab and ricocheted off! I am going to have to take them to the cobblers and hope he can fix them. The earrings are also really old H&M ones which I love because they look a little like massive staples, but they're pretty heavy so I don't wear them that often. I've only really been able to wear them again recently now my hair's that bit longer.

Also, another gem that is back is my camera! I'm so happy to have her back, and you'll all be pleased to know the first thing I did once I got her back was to order a tripod! No more falling off shelves for me! Right now Kathy's been kind enough to lend me her old one until mine arrives in the post.

I'm not going to show you today's outfit since I am in the sloppiest outfit ever due to the fact I really need to do washing and I went out last night and got to bed at about 3! My union had a night on called Ginesis; the basis being that they sell all types of gin and have a Phil Collins tribute act. It was a really great night, but I am just so knackered now! I also have very sore feet from a LOT of dancing in heels. And one other thing; blackcurrant gin is the nicest thing ever. It's like alcoholic Ribena!

I'm planning on having a lazy weekend after my rather busy last couple of weeks thanks to book reviews and dissertation research. I just had a lovely shower and used some Aussie Heat 3 Minute Miracle since I've been doing a lot of straightening and backcombing recently. I'm really looking forward to just being able to get some stuff done that I've been wanting to do for a while now. I'm going to make some fairy cakes, since I have tons of eggs and butter at the minute, and am also hoping to finally get started on one of my dresses. I also need to do a mountain of washing!

On a slightly rubbish note, the winner of the Elle internship was announced yesterday. I knew there was very little chance of me getting it; I'm just a bit bummed out because it turns out the winner has a degree in Fashion Journalism, and I thought the whole point of the competition was to find some raw un-nurtured talent. Oh well. I'm still really proud of my entry and thanks to everyone who voted for me.

Sorry, one more thing to ramble about- I was thinking about perhaps starting a feature called 'Feminist Friday' where I'll write a short piece on something that's perhaps come up on the news, or general feminist issues. Much as I love fashion, I do actually think about more serious issues, and I thought it might be good to have some representation of that on the blog. Let me know what you think; would you like to read me rambling about women's rights as opposed to shoes for once?

Sorry for this rather text heavy post; I'll shut up now! There are fairy cakes that are waiting to be made! Have lovely weekends everyone.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Lollipop lollipop

M&S tee shirt, tights and shoes, H&M skirt, Dahlia jersey cardi, Cache Cache denim jacket (bought in France), Topshop scarf in hair, Tatty Devine necklace, Disaster Designs handbag, rings from local jewellery shop and earrings from Claire's Accessories goodie bag

Guess who got the best news ever today??!!! MY CAMERA IS FIXED! A wonderful person from church offered to take it into their workplace (he does something with computers that I don't quite understand) for ones of his colleagues to have a look at, and now I've heard back that it's all functioning and lovely again! I won't get her back until Sunday, but I am pleased as punch with the news. Hence probably why I actually bothered to wear a decent outfit today!

I also had what I felt was somewhat of a great blogging idea last night... I have decided that I am going to embark on a project where I have to wear all of the items in my wardrobe. Not in a certain amount of time, but I am going to dig up all those long forgotten items in an effort to rediscover their beauty or to decide that this is really the point at which to part with them. I shall also be on a shopping ban until I have succeeded in utilising all of my items. Hence today's outfit, which consists of a few forgotten pieces. I am rather ashamed to say I have never actually worn this Dahlia cardigan after buying it at the Clothes Show in Birmingham for a bargain price of £10. Shame on me I know. I also received this bag as a birthday present last year and have not given it the attention it deserves, which I'm sure is partly because I used it almost straight away when I did my work experience at Westminster; but after lugging my laptop around in it, I was a little terrified to see that the stitching was coming away from the fabric on the handles slightly. However, if I don't use it at all that would be more of a waste than it needing repairs in the future! I also bought this Tatty Devine necklace last summer at the Clothes Show in London, but haven't really worn it at all because there was a slight problem with it falling into my cleavage. However, the kind ladies at Tatty Devine gave me an extension chain which I have now attached and the necklace can be worn without me looking like some deranged Lolita. The headscarf is also a really old one from Topshop that I never really wore as a scarf because it was a bit too thin. I have now discovered however that it's true vocation is a headscarf!

(Ooh, and one other thing- I haven't rediscovered these rings as such, but I'm pleased they are finally appearing on the blog- they're the first proper rings I ever bought about 4 years ago and I absolutely adore them.)

Right, I'm going to shut up now, because this post is somewhat horribly rambley and gushy anyway. And there is a small matter that I should be writing a Politics book review right now. Although it's not due in until Thursday, and it's only 1000 words. So, apologies for this post still being quite incoherent, but there's a decent outfit at least. Finally, how could I feature this necklace and not post this??

Cue me singing this for the next few hours whilst I write about the depiction of the Holocaust in 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. That will be a weird combination.

Ooh, and just to say, thank you to everyone for your kind comments on my last somewhat whingey post. 

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I didn't think fruit could make me so cheery.

Dorothy Perkins dress, M&S Limited Collection cardi, Laura Ashley vintage belt via charity shop, M&S tights and shoes, Pilgrim earrings

I apologise for this not being the experimental outfit I was talking about posting the other day. This is just a dress you've seen before with a few different bits. Note the obsession of the moment leopard print shoes and the beehive (although it doesn't look very beehivey in these pictures!) which I can now finally do thanks to this amazing tutorial. Also, I bought MAC's Fluidline the other weekend whilst in London after struggling with Benefit's Babecake for so long and it's dreadful smudgyiness. The Fluidline is absolutely amazing and doesn't budge, AT ALL. I went dancing with it on and got quite warm and sweaty and still it didn't move. The colour's not quite as pigmented as I'd like but I'm willing to forget about that for the fact I can actually wear eyeliner every day without it annoying the heck out of me.

Shall try and post something more interesting soon. I am just having one of those slight bleurghy wardrobe stages at the minute. Am feeling the need to do a massive clear out because there's so much stuff I don't get around to wearing. Its not that it's stuff I don't like, but with the appalling clothes storage I have at uni there's a lot of stuff which ends up being sat in boxes and forgotten about. I'm also really busy with uni work at the minute. I'm trying to really crack on with my dissertation now, although it's not due until the 9th May, so I can go home for my mum's 50th at Easter and won't kill myself with stress come then. I'm also feeling quite homesick, and actually trying to figure out what I'm doing after I graduate! I'm assessing the practicalities of doing a Masters in Fashion Journalism at LCF, but am so unsure about everything right now. The joys of being a grown up I guess.

Sorry, I'll stop whinging. Much worse things going on in the world than my silly Western self obsessed guff. I'm also currently debating giving up high street shopping, but I'm not going to get into that now... shall try and write a vaguely more coherent post on that at some point soon. Sorry this is so rambley, hopefully soon I shall get a camera sorted (much as I am ridiculously grateful to Kathy for lending me hers I'm sure you all know how difficult it can be to operate a camera you're not very familiar with!) and will be a bit less snowed under with work, and have some more interesting outfits to show you. I'm so sorry about the blog at the minute; it's such a mess, the camera incident appears to have thrown me completely off course! Right, I'm going to shut up now and post this lovely Kate Bush video to end on a cheerier note:

I'm going through a major Kate phase at the moment. She is beyond amazing. (And I recommend watching the rest of this short film on Youtube, it's incredible).

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Go buy my stuff so I can afford a new camera. And perhaps lipstick.

Hi everyone. Just a quick cheeky post really to tell you I have put some stuff up on Ebay. It's only a couple of things at the minute, but I'm going to have a bit of a wardrobe clear out and possibly put some more up soon. If any of you want to have a look and buy my old clothes, you can find them here! Quite a few of the things are things that I really love, but bought on a bit of a whim, and I've just never really worn them because they don't quite fit. So in the interests of getting a camera again I thought it was time to give up on the 'Oh well if I lose some weight' rubbish and just to sell them. I especially love the houndstooth dress but my boobs really just won't fit into it. Sad times.

Anyway, in other news, I bought Company yesterday and absolutely fell in love with the make up and outfit Marina Diamandis was sporting on the cover-

I have got to get hold of some of that pink lipstick. It's fantastic. I read somewhere that apparently she wears Illamasqua's Filth but unfortunately it's sold out on their website at the minute. I should also really get to grips with my MAC pink lipstick first as well. I keep meaning to show it to you, but I can't seem to apply it right- because it's a Satin finish, it just seems to go really streaky and horrible. Anyone have any tips?

I shall try and take some outfit photos later using my friend's camera. However I am understandably a little nervous about balancing it on anything after my own disaster. But I would like to show you today's outfit, as it's a little experimental and I'm not sure how well it's working. I need feedback!

Right, I must go do some diss work before I die of panic about the seemingly tiny amount of time I have left.

Friday, 11 February 2011

I ate so much.

 So, finally, here are a few shots from my friend Katie's birthday trip to London. I'm sorry it's taken so long to upload these, this week's been a bit hectic.

 Painting my nails on the train there (you can tell we left early because I'm wearing my glasses!)

Trying on orange cowboy boots in Pop Boutique in Covent Garden. Unfortunately, I decided the orange colour was just not quite what I was looking for. If they'd have been blue or purple however... oh well. Hopefully I may soon get some coloured cowboy boots. It was probably good for me not to spend any more money!

 Trying on Pop's sunglasses with Katie. Kicking myself now for not buying some of these, they were awesome! And it's been quite sunny here for the past few days dammit.

 A small shot of Saturday's outfit. I am really into headscarves at the minute. It's funny, I've just been wearing them because my hair's finally long enough so that it looks ok, but I read on Elle about how they're a micro trend, but I hadn't seen any out and about. Then, I get to London, and BAM!!! They're everywhere! Quite pleased to be back in Aber where I'm one of the only ones rocking them. I didn't like feeling like a sheep!

Snood in action! Doesn't really work with this outfit, but dammit, it was cold!

A really cool bakery just along from the Tatty Devine shop in Covent Garden (I shall reveal why I was near the Tatty Devine shop in a later post!)

Cocktails in Planet Hollywood...

This brownie nearly killed me. After having eaten an appetiser platter and nachos, and then a chicken burger and chips, I thought I had a little room left for something of the chocolate dessert variety. However, they then brought this beast over to the table... can you even SEE the brownie under all that cream??!!
(Also, note to self: Stop pulling funny faces in pictures)

I did battle through and conquered it, although I did sustain injuries. My belly hurt from too much food for several hours afterwards. Also, note the new leopard print cardi I got in Peacocks for £8 and am somewhat obsessed with.

 A lovely bit of cranberry and nut cake from Drink, Shop and Do, where we went on Sunday, after reading reviews of it on Pretty Much Penniless and Bow Dream Nation. It was really lovely to sit and have a nice cup of tea and a relaxing game of Scrabble after the hectic day of shopping that was Saturday.

Right, so that's a little overview of my London weekend..... thanks to Katie and Jenna for the pictures. As far as camera news goes, I took mine along to Jessops yesterday and  they told me somewhat bad news. I can get it sent off for repair, but probably the cost of getting it repaired is the same as buying a new one. To sound like my dad for a second, it does annoy me that this always seems to be the case nowadays. I don't want to buy a new one but I think I have no choice. Am currently borrowing my friend Kathy's dear camera Sheila to take some photos of stuff to put on Ebay, which I have been meaning to do for a while. Current need for a camera fund though has meant I am finally doing it.

Shall try and post soon with something vaguely exciting soon. Hope you all have lovely weekends.

(Also, apologies for this being completely incoherent. Not at my writing best today.)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I should watch some Wallace and Gromit again.

This is just a very quick post; I have only just got back from Birmingham, and am absolutely cream crackered knackered. I bought this snood today, after wanting it for a couple of months now, but refusing to pay £27 for it;

I had been looking at it on ASOS this very morning and calculating the price if I used my student discount on it; imagine my delight when I went into River Island today to look at something else entirely and there was a little label attached to it declaring it had £10 off! It was fate! It's sitting round my neck happily as I type. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you soon.

And this was what I had in fact gone in to examine;

Oh, look at it! It is BEAUTIFUL. I saw it when I went home the other weekend, and as much as I love it, I just can't justify spending £40 on it. It's not leather, and although I adore the clasp purse feature at the top, it doesn't look very sturdy. I could only put stuff through that very small opening or into the side elasticated pockets. I don't know how to explain it, but the large part is elasticated at the top, and the clasp bit is attached and sort of slots into it. The basic point is that it doesn't look like it could withstand a lot of wear. And so, I left River Island with the snood instead of the bag. If another discount comes along like the one with the snood, I may buy it, but right now £40 is just too much. We'll see. Hopefully fate will intervene in a positive way again.

I'm really busy at the moment with the start of term kicking off, and am away in London this weekend for a friend's 21st birthday. You can imagine how gutted I am that I have no camera for said occasion. I still don't know what I'm going to do about it. I may have to brave the embarrassment of telling Jessops staff that I dropped it in the vain hope they may be able to save her.

Also, 48 followers??!!! Where the hell did you all come from?! I feel quite, quite proud of myself :)

Shall hopefully post next week with pictures I may have filched from my friends. Hope everyone has a good remainder of week and a good weekend.