Saturday, 19 March 2011

In which I admit my love of cobblers.

black tee shirt bought from French Vila shop several years ago, old Mango tee shirt I acquired from my sister (also bought abroad...), Silence and Noise skirt from Urban Outfitters, unknown ancient (they're probably M&S) tights that I really need to replace, M&S shoes, ancient Topshop earrings

So, for the second Friday in a row, guess who completely forgot to prepare something for Feminist Friday?! Apologies, I'm just so busy with work at the minute I completely forgot, and to be honest I really wanted to show you this outfit. I shall attempt to write it in advance for next week so I have something to share with you all.

Do you find that sometimes the best outfits happen when you really need to do washing and have got no black tights left? I just happened to find this tee shirt at the bottom of a draw and fancied putting it on, since it would work with my new lipstick. Which, on a side note, I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH. IT'S SO RIDICULOUSLY BLOODY AMAZING. I even painted my nails to match.... Anyway, I just really liked how this outfit turned out. I wore it with my blue biker jacket and felt very cool. It made my day good. And I have nothing more articulate to say on that matter really *English degree fail*

In other news, MY OFFICE BROGUES FINALLY ARRIVED TODAY!!! Although I am going to have to take them straight to the cobblers tomorrow to get the sole done, since they have a stitched sole, which means the stitching goes all the way through. My mum and I found out the other day when we took my sister's boots to get resoled that in fact these are pretty difficult to resole after you've worn them down; because of the stitching, you can't sand them down to stick the new sole on without the shoe falling apart. Did that make any sense?? I don't know, it's late, I've had a headache today, I'm not exactly on top form. Anyway, basically, I just need to go and get them soled now before I wear them so I can get a decent amount of use out of them. I'm really hard on shoes so have to get them resoled and re-heeled pretty often; it works out cheaper in the long run then having to buy new shoes. I need to take several other pairs actually. I've worn the leopard print ones so much they are going a bit. Sorry, I'll stop using the blog to make a mental note to myself and stop all this thrilling chat about cobblers.

Although, saying that, does anybody else really love the smell in the shoe repairers? There's this really nice sanded leathery smell, a little like the smell after you've filed your nails. Then again this might just be me with my super sensitive wolf nose. I really will stop typing now before you all think I'm completely weird and obsessed with cobblers. I think it leads back to my love of the Hans Christian Andersen film when I was a kid.....

Right, enough. Have lovely weekends everyone. Watch some Hans Christian Andersen, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And I admit it, I do love cobblers.


  1. You are looking at the camera!!!!!!!!!!


    :) It is really refreshing to see your face here Hattie. You look lovely.
    Also you remind me I want to do the same thing with my brogues or they will fall apart.

  2. I really love your lipstick too, where is it from? I've never had shoes repaired so not totally sure what you are talking about im afraid. looking forward to seeing your brogues though

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. SOme of my most creative outfits have definitely occurred when I need to do washing and have nothing left to wear! Those bright tights look great with the outfit, so you see, not doing washing is a good thing! Or at least thats what I'm telling myself!

  4. Cobblers are a dying art!! Sometimes I want to give up university and apprentice to be a cobbler.


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