Monday, 18 April 2011

I don't like pasties much.

first outfit- New Look tunic, Silence and Noise skirt hiding underneath, Peacocks cardi, M&S tights and shoes, Dorothy Perkins ring, Topshop earrings, Accessorize bangles

second outfit- Phase Eight tee shirt, Monsoon cardi, Firetrap jeans, Converse trainers, Topshop scarf in hair

Just a few outfits from my holiday. Both the tunic and striped tee shirt were sale items; I was particularly chuffed to get the tee shirt since I had seen it previously a few months back and really liked it. It's also just the most perfect tee shirt for the summer;  it keeps my decolletage covered (I don't want a crepey cleavage in my old age!) and has three-quarter length sleeves. It's also very comfy and the combination of florals and stripes is just perfect! It's also got several of my favourite colours in it, such as the purple and navy.

Although talking of crepey skin, look at my hands! The cruelness of macro I suppose! I better slap some Hand Food on...

I don't have much to tell you about the holiday really; we mostly just spent it sitting around, watching the telly, walking by the beach occasionally and eating nice food. I am now nice and rested and looking forward to getting stuck into the dissertation when I return to Aberystwyth tomorrow.

I did just think of something else to mention in relation to the holiday, but I think I may write a special post... *makes note to self* Must trot off to bed, I have a long train journey tomorrow. Hope everyone has good Mondays; even though you may be back at work/school, feel grateful you won't be stuck on a train for 7 and a half hours!


  1. I love your first outfit and am very intrigued to hear your holiday gossip. you've got my mind thinking up all sorts of scenarios but since i seem to be spending a lot of my time thinking up wild ideas anyway the notion of it isn't too difficult!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. such cute photos! :)
    your jewellery is so pretty. lovelovelove your first outfit. :)

  3. Hellooo! Thank you for your long comment! (teehee) I love long comments so you made me smile! Sorry for making you want fish and chips!

    The hankerchief is juuuust long enough to do as a headscarf but I'm not sure I can pull off that look! I may give it a go...or I might frame it- I'm not sure yet! :)

    The first outfit here is so super cute! Hope 3rd year's going well!


  4. Love your style and the name of your blog !

  5. Those earrings are so lovely, and I adore both outfits, but especially the leopard print!

    Your holiday sounds absolutely perfect - I would love to spend some time just relaxing like that right now!

  6. I love the ring and the earrings :) Also your blog header is amazing its so cute :) X


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