Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heidi, or Rebecca, or.... Princess Leia.

M&S dress, Topshop cardi (although it's one of the first things I ever bought from Topshop, and is therefore about 5 years old!), Office shoes, Rob Ryan for Wild and Wolf tote, Bohm ring, No7 nail varnish in Sunshine (sorry, it was a limited edition) and No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Cherry

So, I have returned! I am totally not done with exams yet, but I did quite well on my Conservatism revision earlier and so am treating myself to a little blogging break. I did actually venture out today to the wonders of the local Varsity to sit with Kathy to revise. She very kindly took these photos for me on our walk home, by Aberystywth's (grotty, yet beautiful in its dishevelled state) pier.

It's quite funny how much these photos remind me of the Clothes Horse- from my milkmaid braids to the quirky ring and outside setting, I feel very Rebecca-esque! Definitely a good thing I feel. This whole outfit was inspired by the fact that I discovered yesterday, after perusing Wish Wish Wish and noting Carrie's recent penchant for milkmaid braids, that my hair was in fact long enough to do the same style myself! ( I wasn't procrastinating from revision at all at this point.) Anyway, I have been wanting to do my hair like this for an absolute age after seeing it on Rebecca and many other bloggers; it's such a blogger cliche but I love it nonetheless. My hair isn't quite long enough really, hence the sticky up bits at the top, but it was long enough for me! Rather amusingly, I thought my boyfriend would absolutely hate this hairstyle and think it made me look about 6; however, due to his geekiness, he rather liked it, because he thought I looked like Princess Leia. Lols. Despite his judgment however, I still thought myself that it was a little schoolgirlish, and so I popped on some red lipstick to attempt to counterbalance it with some sophistication.

Other things to mention; THE RING. LOOK AT THE RING! I mentioned this in my recent video and I am no less enamoured than I was yesterday. I love this little guy. I have christened him Bob and he has been adorning my finger for well over a week now.

I am also aware that the last photo makes my arse look humongous, but I thought you might all like to see my new Rob Ryan shopper in action. Ah, the things I do for you all.

Right, must go. More than enough rambling for you all to be getting on with! And more than enough revision for me to be getting on with tomorrow *sighs*

PS. Oh yes. And I may have popped into the Boots opposite Varsity at one point to test out eyeliners on my hand. But I was good and didn't buy one!


  1. I think the hair is awesome, *especially* with the red lipstick.. It does look a tad like princess Leia, but that's never a bad thing, right?! She's only like the coolest fictional woman ever!! Haha.. Good luck with the rest of your exams

  2. Ahh the ring is amazing :) I love it!
    Your hair looks lovely too, mines nowhere near long enough for the heidi braids :(
    Rachelle xxx

  3. oooh I love the braids, I will have to try it out x

  4. I literally cannot wait for my hair to be lnog enugh to do this, even though it will be another year at least(stupid slow growing hair!)

    The braids look gorgeous on you!

  5. I love your hair in these pictures, it suits you so much. I wish I could pull it off this well.


  6. Ooh your ring is so lovely! And I love doing my hair like this, it looks so good on you :) xoxo

  7. Milkmaid braids is one of my very favourite hairstyles. I don't know why I don't wear it more actually... I shall tomorrow!
    It looks great on you by the way, really suits you, especially with your fringe.


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