Monday, 17 October 2011

Mystique (although I do not possess it at all).

M&S Limited Collection tee shirt, Dorothy Perkins skirt from charity shop, Russell and Bromley loafers, Topshop earrings, Pilgrim ring

This outfit is actually from last Saturday so I should have posted it already- I'm sorry, I just sort of forgot. Have been working my arse off somewhat and am currently in the middle of 5 days on the trot- however, it is all so I can go and spend 4 glorious days with my boyfriend revisiting Aberystwyth, so it shall all be worth it. And then you can finally get some half decent pictures again from Kathy! Hooray. Saying that, sorry about these photos- as you can see from the tiny blotches, it had just started to rain as I took these and the light was fading fast! Hence the need for flash which illuminates my head in the second picture.

Right. So, I wore this last weekend whilst my sister was home and we did a bit of shopping and went to the theatre. We saw One Man, Two Guvnors which was absolutely hilarious and if any of you have a chance to go I would highly recommend it. We bought tickets at the very last minute and had appalling seats right at the very back but the show was so good it didn't matter. Speaking of the theatre, annoyingly my rather last minute trip to Aber has completely scuppered my chance to go see Tom Chambers (of Strictly fame) in Top Hat next Thursday, something my mum and I have had booked for months. I have loved him ever since his Holby days and to see him tap dance (one of the sexiest things ever in my opinion- too much Singin' in the Rain as a child!) would have been so, so good. However, I suppose its probably better to get to see my actual boyfriend rather than lusting after some man on a stage, so oh well!

Er, so that tangent over with... I had been looking forward to wearing this top all week. As soon as I saw the stripes and the colours at work I knew I had to have it. I also love the chiffon detail on the shoulders. I also knew I needed to get a teal eyeshadow to wear with it, and after much searching of both Boots and MAC, I found this Too Faced one. I'll talk about it in more detail in a video at a later date, but it really is amazing. The perfect balance between blue and green. Also, it totally made me feel like I had Mystique eyes.

Is two X-Men beauty references too much on one head?!!

Right, that's more than enough wittering on for now. Must go to bed, for I am at work again tomorrow. Although I promise I shall endeavour to be a better blogger and do more posts soon, since I do have several nice outfits backlogged.

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  1. I love this outfit, you look lovely and your makeup is fab!

    Maria xxx


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