Thursday, 24 November 2011

Yum... new boots.

H&M tee shirt, H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams hoodie, M&S skirt, Topshop boots, scarf c/o Misguided (from the Birmingham Blogger Meet) 

Ooh, look, my first gif attempt! I feel like quite the technological genius. I wanted to show off my new boots, which to be honest were something of an impulse buy- I saw them in Topshop and immediately wanted them, but I did go away and think about them for a bit beforehand. I suppose I call them an impulse buy more in the sense that I didn't actually need them. (Ooh, that was a bit of a #whitegirlproblems moment. ) Anyway, recently I have been feeling quite gothy and dressing in black quite a lot of the time- perhaps its the time of year, or just laziness, (since this way of dressing is SO much comfier), or just the fact my boyfriend likes me looking a bit less 'polished' shall we say, but I have just been throwing on tee shirts and denim skirts, or my black jeans. Quite boring but just what I feel like wearing at the moment. So, these boots seemed like the perfect ones to just jazz up these outfits a little, and I must admit, I love them. They are comfy (well, I haven't worn them out yet for a proper walking sesh yet but good so far) and they just make me feel cool. I like the zips and the slight cowboy vibe they have. Apparently they're a dead ringer for some Acne boots but I found this out after I bought them! Anyway, I am very happy with them, and cannot see them leaving my feet for the foreseeable future.

Outfit in itself is quite boring, although I have been meaning to show you this tee shirt for an absolute age- once again, one of those things that I seem to wear so often it just doesn't get photographed. Its the perfect stripey tee shirt, and only cost me £8, so I did buy two!

Also, I feel the need to tell you that this is in fact a scheduled post- look at me being all organised and writing two posts on my day off!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Love Bites'- A Mini Me & Zena Review

I just wanted to do a little quick review of this necklace. I was so impressed with Me & Zena's service that I felt it had to be praised on my little corner of the internet! I have been wanting to buy this necklace for absolutely ages but it was one of those things that I just kept forgetting about, but when Gem posted about their 50% off code for Halloween I knew the opportunity had finally arrived! Since it was a Halloween themed item, I also received an additional 20% off, and so got it, including postage, for £7.50.

The parcel was dispatched the very next morning (after me ordering online at around midnight!) and arrived within a few days. Not only was the posting efficient, the packaging was also divine. It arrived in this gorgeous fluorescent pink jiffy bag complete with a small pink velvet pouch, which I have since been using to store my jewellery in my handbag. (I tend to carry various ring and earrings options around with me.) The necklace itself is really good quality and I love the engraved detailing on the back which just makes it feel that little bit more expensive. Overall, a fantastic purchase! I have been wearing it daily to liven up my boring M&S uniform.

I am definitely planning on purchasing the gold option as well at some point, to allow me maximum wearing potential.I was just really impressed with their service which made me feel rather excited, like a little kid opening their Christmas presents. Having a lovingly packaged parcel arrive is one of the best little pick me ups, and Me & Zena completely fulfilled and surpassed my expectations.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fit-and-Flare. (I cannot think of a better title to be honest)

Dorothy Perkins dress, Topshop belt, M&S tights, Russell and Bromley loafers

Er... really old photos from about a month ago. I meant to post these but sort of forgot, and wanted to wait until I had outfit pics of the red version of the dress which I also own. Basically- best dress ever. Ok, maybe not ever, but one of the best for my figure I have ever had. I originally bought this in the red (which I will show you at some point!) and knew immediately I had to go and buy it in another colour. It has the perfect scoop neck, three quarter length sleeves and fit-and-flare style which just translates into complete and utter comfort. Its also made of this lovely thick jersey material which skims over your lumps and bumps, and is quite warm for the colder months. I just styled it really simply with some lacy tights and leopard print belt to break up the black, and slipped on my loafers.

I apologise (yet AGAIN) for my erratic posting of late. I think I will finally have to install some kind of blogging discipline on myself and try and devise some kind of weekly posting schedule, which doesn't consist entirely of outfit posts, since working full time doesn't really allow for a lot of those! I also have quite a few exciting things to tell you about, but I won't bore you with them now, and let them have their own glory in separate posts.

(Ooh, and I just did a new video if any of you are interested in me blabbering on about makeup.)

Friday, 4 November 2011

I may be developing a problem with cat themed clothing.

River Island tee shirt from ASOS, H&M cardi, Phase Eight jeans, Russell and Bromley loafers, Accessorize earrings, Max Factor Color Elixir lipstick in Ruby Tuesday

Apologies for the flash. As you can see from the freaky lilac colour of the sky, its been a dinghy bastard of a day. That, coupled with my sisters appalling lack of ability to ever take a non blurry photo sans flash, meant it had to be used. It also shows up my camel toe beautifully, although its never like I try to look particularly attractive in these photos. I do my best, but I know that I don't photograph very well, and if I have a bit of a camel toe then there's not much to be done about it!

I am aware I appear to be developing a bit of thing for cat related items of clothing. (There's another cat jumper I haven't gotten around to showing you yet as well.)  Don't worry, I can see the little pattern developing, and am noting it in case it goes the way of breton stripes and becomes something so embedded in my style subconscious that I am powerless to control my need to amass more. I would usually have not looked at this tee shirt due to the colour (brown is never great on me) but I was sold somewhat by its heavily discounted price tag. I think its ok though due to the flashes of colour in the print. This is also a new lipstick that is perhaps slightly more on the orange side than I usually wear, but I think I just about get away with it. Just. I hope it looks alright since the texture and pigmentation is amazing- when they say this lipstick helps care for your lips, it really does feel very light and pleasant to wear. It was nice to wear a red lip that didn't require too much worrying about licking your lips and the like.

Sleep now since I have a hair appointment in the morning which entails an entire maintenance job on my panel, dye and cut, so rather a long appointment! Will post tomorrow, since I have another rather cute tee shirt to show you.