Friday, 27 January 2012

Brogues... but trainers.

I spied these in the window of Schuh several months ago and cannot get them out of my head.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get hold of them now. Whilst I prefer the mens leather version (purely for the extra durability) I know the ladies would be much more flattering. Since I got the blond chunk put in my hair, I have had an urge to dress like a rockabilly emo, which I am trying to resist. And also trying to resist the re-emerging desire to get my nose pierced (I considered it when I was about 17, but my friend told me I'd look like a dyke. Not to sound offensive, but I don't really want to look butch.)

I'm not even sure why I'm posting this to be honest. Probably because I won't be able to post any outfits until Sunday at least, so I thought I should provide with something to read. But perhaps this is just boring filler... I don't know. Are these sorts of wish list-esque posts interesting?

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  1. I think these shoes would be great to tone down any more girly clothes, I always think I need something a bit tougher!

    Maria xxx


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