Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More sailor collars. Damn Railway Children obsession.

Topshop jumper, M&S skirt and shoes, rings from various local jewellery shops, earrings from Oxfam

Wow... I have got one hell of a big arse.

Also, after I originally kind of copied Kate's hair, we've now come some kind of funny full circle and she's kind of copying mine. I got my roots and all over colour redone last week and they also whacked a bit more toner on the blond. I am so pleased with it, its finally the ashy almost grey blond that I wanted. Not at all yellow or tiger now! I've bought some violet shampoo as well to use every once in a while to keep it nice and white. However, I admit, my hair does not look anywhere near as cool as the divine Nash's since I completely fail at hair styling. More specifically, curling. My hair just appears to refuse to hold a curl. Not even hold it- just even form a curl in the first place. I've tried with straighteners, curling tongs, heated rollers... nothing seems to work. I think this is probably most likely due to me being crap rather than the appliances, but I just cannot seem to do it! I tried today again with the rollers and this was what I got. I cannot seem to wrap the very end of my hair in properly which means I always get this kind of funny weird kinky tip... I am going to try again tomorrow. Any tips would be appreciated!

I realise this jumper/skirt combo isn't the most flattering, since the jumper makes me look kind of shapeless and matronly, and the skirt is somewhat revealing my pot belly, but oh well. I enjoyed it and it was comfy! I bought this jumper for £20 when I met Maria in Cheltenham, and despite the fact I could do with it being a bit longer and more fitted around the waist, I really like the collar detail and the colour. I would always like more red clothing but it is surprisingly difficult to find. I wore it with my beloved leopard print pumps and my trio of rings that never seem to leave my hand, along with some awesome anchor buttons earrings I found in Oxfam for a couple of pounds.

Everything is a little bit crazy at the moment. I don't want to say too much but I have rather a lot going on and I was actually working a lot last week, so much I was ill for a few days, so apologies if posting is a little sporadic. I have another week off next week, (I know, basically I have a week off every month for February, March and April, because work were kind of rubbish and forgot to tell me how the holiday booking procedure works) and hopefully I won't be hopping too much around the country, so will have enough time to get a few good posts in for you. I spent a good while doing photos today so I hope you are at least pleased with this one!

Ooh, and also thank you for your lovely comments on my last few posts; I was starting to worry that you'd all got bored of me!


  1. Re: hair. Personally, I don't curl the last inch of hair because it tends to go a bit weird and unnatural - would this work for you? As for encouraging NATURAL curl -which I'm sure your hair CAN be encouraged to develop - do you condition upside-down? Suggest scrunching like a crazy person to really get conditioner into the ends, then wash it off upside down too, squeeze out excess water and wrap in towel to dry - do not pass Go!, do not collect your £200. Super Golden Rules = Do not blowdry! And ideally do not brush your hair except with fingers, but I appreciate this may be a step too far... Et volia, tu auras des cheveux ondulés et hyper sexys. Comme moi <3

  2. I love this jumper on you and no belly in sight so SHUSH!

    Maria xxx

  3. the orange top is super cute!:)

  4. Oh, I love the nautical look! And Kate is looking amazing, isn't she? Such a cool new style.

  5. This top is so nice! Also really like your glasses :)

    Laila x


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