Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Giraffes rather than cats for once.

M&S Limited Collection tee shirt, H&M skirt, M&S Footglove Fashion loafers, jewellery as in this post, goofy smile- model's own

Don't ask me why my cheeks look all weird and blurry, I don't know. The top photo looks like I have bad acne scarring or something... I think my camera focus may have not worked very well. Not the most exciting outfit, but anyone in the UK will know we are having a little bit of a mini heatwave right now! This is the first revealing of the legs sans tights this year. I was actually wolf-whistled in this outfit this morning by workmen painting the lines on the road. I have no idea why- just because I have a teeny bit of thigh on show not covered by tights?! It was 9 o' clock in the morning for God's sake! I shuffled off with a red face and then went round a back way to avoid walking past them again- not exactly embracing feminism there, but I just feel embarrassed when that sort of thing happens, and am useless at confrontation.

Anyway, rambling aside... er, I don't have much to say really. Am ridiculously excited about the return of Mad Men but haven't watched it yet- my parents have only seen the first series, and we only have one telly in the house that has Sky. I was considering waiting until they had gone to bed to watch it, but I just can't be arsed. It requires my full attention and I'd probably just be far too excited if I watched it just before sleep! I shall save it for another day when I am feeling more energised.

And on that note, sleepy times for me.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The art teacher's back again.

dress from local seconds store (I think it was originally White Stuff), M&S scarf and tights, Boden shoes, rings and bracelets from various local jewellery shops/gifts

I bought this dress from a local seconds shop a good few months ago, roughly before I slipped into my slight black coma. However, since spring appears to have finally sprung, I am starting to feel the urge to wear colour again. This usually translates into me dressing like an art teacher, definitely a look I am rocking here. I did wear my trusty denim skirt under this dress since it is a little short. I'm not entirely sure whether its meant to be a dress; it may be a tunic, but due to my tiny height it just about covers my bum! I really love the pink and turquiose together, especially combined with the vintage style roses. It also has that most desired of features on a dress- pockets!

I also loosely plaited my hair whilst wet this morning and it actually worked quite well at giving me some kind of wave! I am quite chuffed with it. Although saying that, I was looking back at pictures of my hair from about a year ago- it's a good 3 inches or so longer, which makes me sad. The problem is, I think the blond requires my hair to be short. It already snaps quite a bit at its current length and I think if I try to grow it, it will just look really manky and straggley, which is kind of the reason I had it cut in the first place. Argh, dilemma. #firstworldproblems To try and grow it longer or keep the blond? I don't know. Help me decide so I don't drive my hairdresser crazy with my constant back-and-forth.

Anyone else watch the first episode of the Apprentice tonight? I must admit, I hadn't really watched it before the last series, but that got me completely and utterly hooked. I think we (parents, sister et moi) decided to watch it after we stumbled across the final of the previous series and the infamous 'You're not even a fish' moment.... still makes me laugh just thinking about it. Also, is it wrong that anytime they said 'Bilyana', I just kept thinking 'Biryani'? I guess that's just a sign I maybe worked too long in the M&S Food Hall!

I think on that note it is bedtime. I clearly need to sleep.

(Ooh, but just to say- apologies about the gross close up of my neck and ear, but it's kind of difficult to photograph earrings in any other way. People may not think that's gross, but I find seeing my skin in that level of macro kind of icky. Especially when it's those photos that make me look like I have no chin, when in fact, I have way too much.)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Raspberry roses.

Next dress, M&S tights and M&S Footglove Fashion shoes, Liberty for Comic Relief scarf in hair, Stolen Thunder earrings and ring, Little Nell necklace

I finally managed to collect my Stolen Thunder parcel yesterday from the Post Office since missing it being delivered whilst I was at work. I wore them both yesterday (I unfortunately didn't get a photo of yesterday's outfit since I was out with my mum and by the time I got back I had missed the light) but put them both on again today, teamed with my Little Nell necklace. I am really pleased with all these new jewellery purchases. I must admit I did put the skull charm on another chain, since the one provided was too short for my liking, but since the necklace only cost me £3.50 I don't mind terribly! The Stolen Thunder purchases were sadly not so wallet-friendly, but actually, you could spend £11 on a pair of earrings in Topshop. I had a pair of silver rose studs that I adored but I have sadly lost one, so these are a good replacement. The fact they are made of wood also means they will go with gold or silver jewellery. They look absolutely massive on me but that is just because I have tiny mouse ears! I admit the ring was pretty pricey at £39 but I am really happy to have a gold ring that won't give me the dreaded green finger. I do like quite big bold designs but the simplicity of this is a nice change, and the delicate nature of it suits my small hands better than my larger rings. To anyone thinking of buying it though, I would definitely advise sizing up. I have really, really tiny fingers, probably the smallest or second smallest ring size, but this only fits on my ring finger! I can get it on my middle finger but it is difficult to get it back off over the main finger joint. It only comes in a S/M or M/L, so if you have even vaguely normal sized fingers, I would recommend getting the larger size.

I may have gotten a little excited by the sunshine and the copious amounts of daffodils out at the moment and put on a dress that is way too thin for this time of year! I was fine since I was in the house all day, but I must admit I was blooming freezing when I went outside to take these photos. This dress is perfect for in the summer; it combines two of my favourite things, which basically make up my summer uniform- denim and stripes. Although I do worry that it makes my boobs look somewhat humongous, they just seem to look so heavy! Probably the combination of stripes and thick waistband underneath. My moccasins are also a new purchase. We've had them at work for several months now, and I knew they'd be a perfect shoe for the summer. I however couldn't bring myself to buy them when it was so cold and dark still! However, after the lovely sunshine of last weekend, I bite the bullet and bought them. I am really excited about wearing them with bare legs when spring properly kicks in.

My make-up was inspired by this YouTube tutorial. I however opted for a raspberry lip rather than a classic red, and didn't bother with the blusher. When I wear bright lipstick I prefer to just be pale, especially since I worry that my redness will unveil itself throughout the day. You can see it slightly in these photos, since I am making an effort to not cake on so much foundation, since my actual skin in itself is pretty damn good. Excuse my rather overdrawn eyebrows; my natural brows are very uneven and when I fill them in they tend to end up overpowering my face! I don't know, do any of you think my eyebrows look good like this? I can't help thinking they look a little caterpillar like but maybe they give my rather podgy face some much needed structure!

Don't ask me how this post has ended up so ridiculously long. I guess I needed to have blogged before now really, but I've been at work all week! I've got my busy week at work next week (ie working 6 days out of 7 and 5 in a row- kill me now) so I may be a little quiet on the blogging front. I shall endeavour though to wear something exciting on Wednesday. Here's hoping the weather's nice eh?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Plum jeans.

H&M tee shirt, M&S cardi and bag, Fat Face jeans, Converse trainers, Urban Outfitters earrings

So... awkward face and standing position for the win.

I think I was trying to minimise the amount of camel toe going on, so adopted this strange inward feet thing instead. So, I finally managed to get hold of some mulberry coloured jeans, after wanting some for months. I tried on some of the high-waisted Kristens from Topshop but even though they were high-waisted they still gaped on me dreadfully. Plus the legs were so long they covered half my feet! I eventually found these in Fat Face. I am little disappointed because I had to get a 14 rather than a 12, and now I have worn them a bit the 14 has gone all saggy and they are pretty loose. Hence where the camel toe has come from because I've had to belt them really tight! Anyway, I am still pretty pleased to finally have some, and I know they will come in useful now the weather is starting to warm up. I have to stop buying jeans now though, after only owning about 2 pairs, over the last few months I have acquired about 3 new pairs! I'm not wearing them with anything particularly exciting, just one of my favourite tee shirts and a cardi, as always!

I've had my eye on these earrings for a while but they were stupidly expensive like most things from Urban Outfitters; when I eventually decided to spend the £14 I got to the till and it turned out they were half-price, which was a nice surprise! I caved as well and bought the Stolen Thunder wishbone ring I talked about it in my last post, and also couldn't resist these carved rose earrings. I have been buying a lot of jewellery recently but I think its just a reaction to having to wear a uniform; since I don't have any choice in my clothes I have to insert some personality into my outfits with my jewellery instead. I may do a couple of posts showing you my recent additions perhaps- nice and easy posts for work days!

I was off last week from work and have had a few lovely days with my boyfriend, the first proper weekend we've had together in a while. I had something rather exciting happen at the start of the week, but everything isn't yet quite sorted so I won't say too much, other than that I should hopefully be interning for Oxfam in some capacity in the near(ish) future. Whilst I am not looking forward to going back to work on Wednesday, I feel pretty happy right now- I'll have a lovely week in Cornwall with my family soon for Easter, and everything is starting to come together finally. I shall endeavour to post again tomorrow before I have to return to sexy polyester tee shirts!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ooh shinies... gold rings I actually like.

I just received this gorgeous skull necklace from Little Nell after lusting for it after seeing it on Vicky.... problem is, I don't have many gold rings to wear it with. (I have this real thing about mixing gold and silver- IT CANNOT HAPPEN.) I also don't have any actual gold rings that aren't costume, which is kind of annoying. I only really wear my sterling silver rings now, because I am just fed up of the damn green finger!

I haven't managed to find much in the way of actual gold rings that I like... you seem to get much more interesting designs in silver,and they just aren't as readily available or cheap! However, I just stumbled across these two beauties on the Stolen Thunder website-

Apologies for the crappy tiny photos, I could only copy the thumbnails. Unfortunately, both of these rings are out of stock in my size! I think I will have to buy one though when they are available. In the past, I would have immediately gone for the rose ring, but I must admit I find myself more drawn to the wishbone one now, especially with the reversible detailing. I also think it might just be more practical, less likely to catch on things and such.

Will hopefully have some outfit pics for you tomorrow, I finally managed to get my hands on some mulberry jeans after looking for some for months!