Sunday, 18 March 2012

Raspberry roses.

Next dress, M&S tights and M&S Footglove Fashion shoes, Liberty for Comic Relief scarf in hair, Stolen Thunder earrings and ring, Little Nell necklace

I finally managed to collect my Stolen Thunder parcel yesterday from the Post Office since missing it being delivered whilst I was at work. I wore them both yesterday (I unfortunately didn't get a photo of yesterday's outfit since I was out with my mum and by the time I got back I had missed the light) but put them both on again today, teamed with my Little Nell necklace. I am really pleased with all these new jewellery purchases. I must admit I did put the skull charm on another chain, since the one provided was too short for my liking, but since the necklace only cost me £3.50 I don't mind terribly! The Stolen Thunder purchases were sadly not so wallet-friendly, but actually, you could spend £11 on a pair of earrings in Topshop. I had a pair of silver rose studs that I adored but I have sadly lost one, so these are a good replacement. The fact they are made of wood also means they will go with gold or silver jewellery. They look absolutely massive on me but that is just because I have tiny mouse ears! I admit the ring was pretty pricey at £39 but I am really happy to have a gold ring that won't give me the dreaded green finger. I do like quite big bold designs but the simplicity of this is a nice change, and the delicate nature of it suits my small hands better than my larger rings. To anyone thinking of buying it though, I would definitely advise sizing up. I have really, really tiny fingers, probably the smallest or second smallest ring size, but this only fits on my ring finger! I can get it on my middle finger but it is difficult to get it back off over the main finger joint. It only comes in a S/M or M/L, so if you have even vaguely normal sized fingers, I would recommend getting the larger size.

I may have gotten a little excited by the sunshine and the copious amounts of daffodils out at the moment and put on a dress that is way too thin for this time of year! I was fine since I was in the house all day, but I must admit I was blooming freezing when I went outside to take these photos. This dress is perfect for in the summer; it combines two of my favourite things, which basically make up my summer uniform- denim and stripes. Although I do worry that it makes my boobs look somewhat humongous, they just seem to look so heavy! Probably the combination of stripes and thick waistband underneath. My moccasins are also a new purchase. We've had them at work for several months now, and I knew they'd be a perfect shoe for the summer. I however couldn't bring myself to buy them when it was so cold and dark still! However, after the lovely sunshine of last weekend, I bite the bullet and bought them. I am really excited about wearing them with bare legs when spring properly kicks in.

My make-up was inspired by this YouTube tutorial. I however opted for a raspberry lip rather than a classic red, and didn't bother with the blusher. When I wear bright lipstick I prefer to just be pale, especially since I worry that my redness will unveil itself throughout the day. You can see it slightly in these photos, since I am making an effort to not cake on so much foundation, since my actual skin in itself is pretty damn good. Excuse my rather overdrawn eyebrows; my natural brows are very uneven and when I fill them in they tend to end up overpowering my face! I don't know, do any of you think my eyebrows look good like this? I can't help thinking they look a little caterpillar like but maybe they give my rather podgy face some much needed structure!

Don't ask me how this post has ended up so ridiculously long. I guess I needed to have blogged before now really, but I've been at work all week! I've got my busy week at work next week (ie working 6 days out of 7 and 5 in a row- kill me now) so I may be a little quiet on the blogging front. I shall endeavour though to wear something exciting on Wednesday. Here's hoping the weather's nice eh?

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  1. You look beautiful, please teach me how to tie a headscarf!

    Maria xxx


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