Monday, 21 May 2012

Ah, the windswept look is back.

 Limited Collection at M&S dress, M&S tights and vest, Accessorize shoes, Stolen Thunder earrings

I will admit now that these are the only photos I managed to take in Aberystwyth- I intended to perhaps take more, but in the end, this was the only really interesting thing to show you. It was a little chilly so I had packed mostly rather boring combos of tee-shirts, cardis and stretchy skirts. This dress however was the exception.

I really wasn't sure about the colour of this dress when I bought it but I was too sold by the black lace trim and the lilac. I also like that its a tea dress, but with more modern details like the exposed zip. I know it looks really unflattering in these pictures but that's probably because I slouch quite badly, I don't think its that bad in real life! The shoes are some new ones I bought to replace my absolutely battered M&S ones. I've been looking for leopard print flats for such a long time but it was proving really difficult to find what I wanted. These aren't perfect but they'll do! I like the grey tone of them and they make my feet look quite small and pretty. They're not terribly comfy (it seems to be completely impossible to find well made, comfortable flat shoes that don't look like they're for my Nan) and will probably die rather quickly, but they didn't cost me very much, so I'm not too bothered.

To go along with the vintage style dress, I chose to do my usual pin-up make up but with a modern matte purple lip, my new MAC lipstick in Heroine. I like the unexpected element that it adds to the outfit, although I admit it looks a little gothy perhaps! I apologise for looking so squinty, but as you can see from token comedy outtake photo number 3, it was very windy on the seafront! Its funny, I've only just realised that I took photos on the seafront with Kathy on exactly the same day last year.... It is so bizarre to think how quickly its gone. My life still feels like it is in such a limbo state. I don't like to whinge too much on here about things, (I know I do anyway- I try not to!) but oh my, graduate life is not fantastic. Things may be looking up soon though, but I don't want to say too much and jinx it, since a lot of stuff is still very wibbley-wobbley, and some things may not be sorted out for quite a considerable time. Anyway, I can tell you about that in a few days when I've gone back to work. I'll take some photos again tomorrow which I'll try and post later in the week.

Ooh, and on a less serious note, I think I found my perfect haircut- I didn't take a picture when I went for my initial chop, but shall endeavour to get as close to this as possible when I need a trim. I don't have Daisy's cheekbones and will probably end up looking like Lucy Pevensie (the BBC version- the original and best), but you know, a girl can dream.


  1. That dress is beautiful, I love the cut out back. Sometimes its better not to take lots of photos when you are away, sometimes it makes me forget to actually appreciate having time away xo

    1. That's always my problem... I want to take lots of pictures to look back at but find that I'm just having too much fun to remember to do it! Have to try and get myself into the photography state of mind!

  2. You look beautiful, I LOVE this outfit on you (and I may steal it when I next see you...!)

    Maria xxx

  3. That dress is amazing, love the colour and print of it. And I'm sure your hair will look lovely, I need to book a hair cut really haven't had mine cut for ages! xx


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