Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Holiday Haul

outfit- Fat Face dress, ancient ASOS cardigan, Volcom jacket from a secondhand shop, M&S moccasins, Little Nell necklace, earrings and bird brooch from Space

purchases- M&S Per Una spotted trousers, Ichi skirt, coral headscarf from secondhand shop, lilac headscarf from Seasalt, Botanica by Disaster Designs satchel

Oh, and there was also a stupidly expensive Lancome lipstick I bought, but there are far too many photos here already!

So, here is all my holiday purchases at once, rather than showing them to you one by one in outfit posts. I don't really like the phrase 'haul', but, seeing as I did buy all this in the space of one week, I can't really deny that is what it is. Especially since I don't post that frequently anymore due to the thrilling commitments of full-time (uniformed) work, I thought it would be best just to show it all to you now.

I had seen this Fat Face dress in their catalogue a few months back but hadn't actually managed to see it in person or try it on until we went on a little jaunt to St Ives. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be one of those perfect summer dresses; comfortable jersey fabric with elasticated waist (yes, I know I sound like an old woman but I get kind of like an old woman in the summer), good length sleeves, not too short and most excitingly POCKETS! I do love it when you find a dress with pockets. Combined with the coral colour and stripes it was a no-brainer.

I have been trying to find an army style jacket ever since I saw Like Crazy and got a little obsessed with the one Felicity Jones wears in it. (Tip- DO NOT watch that film if you are in a long-distance relationship. It is absolutely beautiful, but just so, so sad. I couldn't shake the feeling off for about 2 days afterwards.) I annoyingly had one when I was about 15, but it was one of those things that got charity-shopped. I refused to pay £50+ for one from Topshop or Urban Outfitters and then luckily stumbled across this one in a great vintage shop in Truro, where I also found the coral scarf. It is a little too small for me, but I don't really do my jackets up anyway and at £10, it was too good to pass up!

I worry a little that these Per Una black wide leg trousers might make me look a bit dumpy and mumsy, but they are so comfy. They will be fantastic in the summer because they are so light and airy. I like the kind of 40s vibe to them- I'm planning on wearing them I think with a simple tee-shirt or shirt, with my beloved silver brogues.

The skirt is just a nice simple high waisted one, which I knew I would find really useful, especially since I do seem to be quite lazy nowadays and just throw on a tee-shirt and comfy skirt most days!

The scarfs are for tying in my hair- square neckerchief ones are actually the best for this, and I loved the colours and spots on these two. I have wanted this bag for ages, first seeing it in a shop in Aberystwyth about a year ago, but the £50 price tag and my already extensive satchel collection stopped me from buying it. I then found it in a St Ives shop for £35 and that was enough justification for me! I do already have far too many bags, but I couldn't resist the insects and the polkadots. I bought the bird brooch and flower earrings from a shop in Penzance that I have blogged about before- they were only £3 each which is much better than paying £8+ in Topshop!

Right, that is more than enough wittering for now. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, although I must admit I am not looking forward to it too much myself since I am working Thursday-Tuesday and I know it is going to be heaving at work! Ah, the joys of retail.

Oh, one other thing- I was thinking of doing a blog shop since I have a few things I want to sell and I don't seem to have much luck on Ebay- would you be interested in buying my old stuff?


  1. I WOULD BUY YOUR STUFF! I love all the polkadots here :D

    Maria xxx

  2. Soo cute :)
    I followed you!
    Follow back??


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