Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Shorts, Stripes and Scarlet.

tee-shirt, really old M&S Woman at Marks and Spencer, Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer shorts, M&S Footglove Fashion shoes (likewise from last summer), Topshop earrings (equally ancient)

So, you may have noticed a few changes around here. Firstly, my boyfriend has spent many an hour toiling over Blogger's template page in order to design me a new layout. Now, it's still not exactly 100% how I want it, so please remain patient if you see a few more changes in the near future. I also finally figured out (ok, I say I, he told me) how to make my photos all the same size, and since Blogger won't let you upload two photos next to each other, how I need to put them side by side in some editing software and then upload it as a separate image. I cobbled together the above collage in Paint (not the one already on your computer, the one you can download) but it was pretty damn fiddly. Does anyone have any other programs they use for blogging which might be slightly easier, other than the obvious P-word?

And then the rather obvious other news... I'm a ginge now.

I'd been thinking about it for quite some time, about a year or so, and finally last Thursday I took the plunge. It did cost me a rather extortionate amount of money since there was so much to sort out in terms of residual black dye, but I think it was well spent because they did it properly, and if I'd have tried at home it would have almost certainly been an absolute nightmare. I had it done at Electric in Oxford by Hayley, who was very lovely and reassuring throughout.

My main worry was that I'd end up looking like the bad kind of ginger, like a ruddy farmer. I was so worried in fact that I barely slept a wink the night before, which only goes to show how truly vain I am. But, on the other side, I can say I am very happy with it, even if it does still look a little strange when I catch myself in the mirror. Don't get me wrong, I loved my old hair, but in the end, it just never looked how I wanted it to, since my vintage hair styling skills are somewhat lacking. And if I can't look like Kate Nash, I'm pretty happy to look like Christina Hendricks. (Highlight of my day yesterday- a customer came up to me at work and told me my hair made me look like the afore mentioned goddess. Hair dying mission obviously accomplished.)

On a different note, I cannot stop wearing these new shorts. Granted, they are too short for me really. They show off my chubby knees, and I'm worried they make me look chubby all over. But, every single summer, I desperately try to find things to cover up my thunder thighs and wobbly upper arms, and this year, I just can't be arsed anymore. I was so happy to read this xoJane article after Kaelah linked to it, because, yes, that is the story of my life every summer. And in the interests of being a bit more honest in blog land (another subject that has been floating around this week) I thought I would show you my chubby knees in all their glory.

And the camel toe.

I'm so elegant and ladylike it hurts sometimes.

In many ways, I really hate the summer, because it forces me to uncover bits of my body I'd rather like to conceal. But, since I've found a pair of shorts that don't rid up in between my legs and make the chafing even worse, or conversely, make me look about 40, I'm going to keep on wearing them.

And hey, I look like Christina Hendricks now apparently, so who really gives a shit.


  1. You look bloody gorgeous here! LOVE your new hair and those shorts are lush, can you send me a link?

    Maria xxx

  2. Absolutely adore your hair! It suits you so well!

    I really rate Photoshop Elements for photo editing. It's obviously limited compared to the full Photoshop, but I find I can do pretty much everything I want to in it when it comes to photo editing, and it's a looooooot cheaper! You can pick up a slightly older second hand version of it for about £20, and it's quite easy to get used to how to work it, plus there are loads of tutorials online if you ever get stuck with anything.

  3. Hattie, I just wanted to say that your new hair looks utterly awesome! You really suit it, although it surprises me because your hair has been dark for so long. I always love ginger hair though.

    Also, I have utterly given up on shorts this year. I only have one pair - and that's the pair you gave me years ago. I simply cannot find ones that fit. I hate that I seem to have to go several sizes up in shorts if I want them to go over my thighs. :( On the other hand, I do love skirts so I'll enjoy wearing those.


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