Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Hint of Hanna Barbera

Limited Edition at Marks and Spencer coat, 'We've Got Some Work To Do Now' tee-shirt by Threadless, Pins and Needles skirt from Urban Outfitters, United Colors of Benetton cardigan, Vans trainers from Schuh, Claire's Accessories earrings

Oh my word, I like having uniform width pictures, but I have been faffing around all afternoon on GIMP to get these images sorted out! Now I have a banging headache *sighs* Oh well, I will get this post done, and then get myself some dinner on and settle down to watch Strictly and Downton.

I'm not sure where to start with this outfit because it has so many things I love! Right, tee-shirt first. I'd seen this design a while ago but unfortunately it sold out before I could buy it. It recently came back into stock so I placed an order straight away, whilst also getting this rather amazing hoodie. It's a little annoying because they have to ship from America, but my boyfriend loves their tee-shirts anyway, so we just did a joint order to spread the postage cost. I've always had this massive thing about Velma from Scooby Doo, and this print of her as a kick-ass zombie killer was just too good to pass up. (I think some of Grant's zombie obsession may have rubbed off on me a little too.) It's a really nice fit, with a flattering scoop neck and decent sleeves, rather than those flimsy cap ones they tend to put on most 'girl fit' tee-shirts. Basic point here, I'm obsessed, and so obsessed I've ordered myself another because I know I will wear this to death.

I got this skirt a few weeks ago when I went home at the weekend, and I've barely taken it off since. I'd seen a girl wearing a similar skirt/tee-shirt combo a while back, and I realised I needed a high-waisted skirt that actually covered my bum, unlike this other beautiful Urban Outfitters one, which I love but am just too terrified to wear. It's really comfy and hides a multitude of sins, although I must say in this picture it does seem to make me look a little pregnant! Oh well.

The cardigan is one I picked up when I was in France. I really loved the darker trim and elbow patches, and it's a lovely soft knit as well. I can't ever have too many cardigans!

These new Vans are just a replacement for my other brogue-style ones which are almost dead and gone (I should throw them out really but I can't bear to.) I must admit I prefer the slimmer style of my old ones, because they were more flattering on both my massive feet and also the calves! I don't seem to be able to get hold of the slimmer ones though, so these will have to do I suppose.

And finally, the coat. When I first saw this at work a few weeks ago, I had to talk myself out of buying it straight away, since I had already bought myself a winter coat! However, when I noticed it was flying off the rail rather quickly, I gave in and bought it. I just absolutely adore it. The amazing 60s cut, the boucle tweed fabric, the pockets... and obviously, the amazing orange colour teamed with the leopard print collar. The combination reminds me somewhat of the Flintstones! It's not one for everyone, but in my eyes a coat that makes you look like you belong in Bedrock can only be a good thing. Unfortunately its now sold out online, but there might be one or two left in store if you're lucky.

Wow, so this is a ridiculously long post. In other news, I've had a rather exhausting week at work but I had an amazing time at my Lindyhopper class on Thursday. I also went to Headington in Oxford yesterday to do some charity shopping, and came away with a dress, top, scarf and cardi all for £23! Well chuffed. I'm planning on doing a little haul post later this week. Anyway, better go and get some dinner on and get snuggled on the sofa ready for Downton. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that the storms don't cause too much havoc, unlike the wind earlier which resulted in my skirt and hair blowing everywhere!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

23 before 24.

So I know I've been gone for months again. What's the point of making apologies anymore? To be fair, the summer did involve a holiday, my birthday and a new job role at work... and then it got to that point where I felt awkward about blogging at all. So, I'm just leaping back in with this 23 before 24 post, despite my birthday being back in August... I just hope I can actually stick to some of these goals for the next year which will hopefully improve this little corner of the internet.

My goals for last year I realise now were all far too vague and wishy-washy, and so this time round I've tried to come up with much more specific achievable targets. And in the spirit of it being less vague, I chose not to do it in pretty handwriting and not provide any explanation, but to instead give some information to make myself more accountable!

1. Go to Lindyhopper dance classes.

2. Cycle into work on a daily basis. 

These two are obviously both ones to improve my fitness, but the dance classes are also to do something I think I'd enjoy and to meet some new people! I went to my first one last week, but then did chicken out this week, so need to bully myself into going regularly. As for the cycling, let's just say I did a practice run and nearly died, but I need to break through the initial horrendously unfit barrier and then hopefully it will improve. Turning up at work a sweaty mess is never a good look.

3. Use up at least 5 lipsticks.

4. Use up a notebook.

5. Don't buy a new magazine until I've finished reading the last one....

Let's just say I have a bit of a problem... with lipsticks and notebooks. I have to stop buying more and focus on using up the ones I already have! Also, magazines are a similar kind of thing, but they're a little harder to hide from my boyfriend what with Grazia and Mollie Makes littered all over the sofa...

6. Blog once a week.

7. Make 3 blog comments a day.

I need to set myself some kind of initial goal/timetable to get myself back into the swing of things, and then hopefully once I'm more in a routine of blogging regularly again, I can slip in a few extra posts. But once a week seems an achievable initial target. Also, in line with that, I must get involved in the community again. I still read blogs but I've gotten very lazy with commenting, which means I feel rather disconnected. I need to sort that out, since comments and doing your own posts go somewhat hand-in-hand.

8. Read one book a month.

9. Do one hour's sewing a week.

10. Do one new recipe a week.

11. Try and do some kind of drawing every day, even if it's only a tiny doodle, or work on a larger piece.

12. Discover one new band/artist a month.

Now, these might be hard to stick to... Actually bothering to do something creative is something I struggle with. I really enjoy sewing, drawing and reading, but I can be quite naturally lazy and have to force myself to do things. I tend to spend more time thinking about doing things than actually doing them... It is hard to get my arse into gear to do anything when working a full time job, but at the same time I need to keep doing creative things to give me a sense of achievement, since my retail job isn't exactly using all of my skills. The music bit is more because I tend to listen to the same bands I've been listening to for the last 8 years, and I really should try to branch out! Abby has really similar taste in music to me, and is like a mine of information, so I really must take some action and act on her recommendations! Recipes... I have an absolute ton of cookbooks but much more of a reliance on tasty M&S prepared food than my wallet (and scales) would like, so I need to make more an effort to cook from scratch.

Ooh, and I also thought I could make a good monthly round-up post of these bits and pieces.

13. Have at least one 'No High Street' month.

14. Get some kind of regular saving going.

These two are obviously linked- I have actually this month set myself up a regular standing order to a savings account, but I'm still failing miserably at charity shopping. I need to locate the good shops in Oxford and find those hidden gems!

15. Finally pass my driving test....

I'm 23 now. That's all I need to say really.

16. Use my diary properly!

I bought myself a really tiny Moleskin one this year with a day to a page, but it actually just turned out to be too small to write in properly. Is it sad that I'm already checking out the ones in the shops for next year??!!

17. One more boring one... keep on top of my washing.

Yep. Let's just say a combined washer-dryer and a uniform that can't be tumble-dried equates to a CONSTANT huge pile of washing. One day I would love for it all to just be done and folded away in the draws... Saying that, part of this problem is that I desperately need to do a clear-out.

18. Get the flat 'finished'.

There's lots of little bits that we still haven't got done, like painting the skirting boards in some rooms, hanging up pictures, managing to find some nice light fittings that don't cost the absolute earth... just those things that would make it seem more like our home.

19. Go to Brighton.

I still haven't managed to make it, because it's actually quite a long journey- I think a weekend away might be in order!

20. Make more of an effort to get to know Oxford.

Despite living here for nearly a year now, I'm still not massively familiar with the city. There's simply so much here that it's difficult to know where to start! I also live in the quieter side of the city so there is a bit less going on here, but I must try to discover the good bits!

21. Carry on seeing the friends I do have relatively near. 

Self-explanatory really.

22. Find myself a church.

And that will hopefully help with making some more friends actually in Oxford!

23. Don't be scared to apply for jobs. 

I don't have enough experience for most jobs I'd like to go for, but it shouldn't stop me applying. It's quite hard for me after being rejected for that job back in May, because in many ways it seemed so perfect and it did really knock my confidence. I tend to not apply for jobs at all because of the fear of rejection, but if I don't try, I won't have any hope at all! Ah, living the graduate dream guys *sighs*

Anyway, that's all of my aims for this year. Hopefully I'll do better than last year! Saying that, would anyone like me to do a round-up of what I did manage to do? (It's not a lot I'll tell you that now!) I meant to sort of incorporate that into this post, but I've wittered on for more than long enough now. Apologies if this is quite rambley and a little incoherent, it's been a long time since I've made an attempt to organise my shambolic thoughts into cogent sentences.

See you next Sunday kids.