Saturday, 12 April 2014

Car Boots and Career Breaks.

secondhand Red or Dead handbag, bought at the Classic Car Boot Sale

Evil Twin dress via ASOS, Vans trainers, Accessorize earrings, usual rings and bangles, vintage druzy bracelet from the Oxford Vintage Fair

I appear to be turning into one of those bloggers who posts a million billion pictures. Apologies, but I like to share when I do something vaguely exciting with my time rather than the usual of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for hours on end whilst spooning Nutella out of a jar. So, over the last month or so I have been to two lovely vintage fairs, one in London in gorgeous sunshine with Kathy and another with my friend Alexa in Oxford before going to a three hour dance workshop to learn the Shim-Sham (which I must admit, I'm not completely perfect at, but it's getting there!)

The Classic Car Boot Sale in London was on the Southbank, out in the sunshine with the red bus blasting out 60s music for us to dance along to as we browsed the makeshift racks. I must admit, I don't tend to buy a huge amount of vintage clothing, mostly because I am rather a warm person and the sweaty plastic fabrics don't tend to agree with me. I'm also very sensitive to smells and if I don't think fabric conditioner can get rid of the weird musty smell I tend to pass on the item. Instead I tend to buy accessories or jewellery. I ended up buying this rather fabulous Red or Dead bag which is surprisingly versatile, although sadly I have overfilled it already and I've made a hole next to the bag strap. It might need to be reserved for slightly lighter carrying days! Kathy and I then went and had a general wander along the Southbank, looking at this secondhand book stall before heading to Waterstones at Trafalgar Square for further book browsing.

I have been to Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Oxford a fair few times now, but just haven't gotten around to blogging about it. Once again, most of my purchases tend to be jewellery, and there is a particular stall that has rewarded me with some gorgeous pieces which I shall endeavour to include in future outfit posts. I pounced upon this beautiful bracelet as soon as I saw it, what with the fact it matches my everyday rings.

I also knew it would look amazing with this sale purchase dress. This is actually the outfit I wore to the Classic Car Boot, but I forgot to ask Kathy to photograph it until the light was fading somewhat and they weren't the best pictures, so I put the outfit back on again last weekend to photograph. I absolutely adore this dress, it's not the most flattering thing I've ever worn but it is so damn comfy. I wasn't sure whether to keep it when I first got it through the post but I loved the print so much I couldn't send it back! I wanted to wear it with my new Docs but it was too warm to be wearing chunky leather boots so I put on my favourite Vans instead.

In other news, I did my last day at M&S yesterday. I am taking a career break for 3 months to go and do an internship- I won't say who with at the moment, just because I haven't checked with them. I suppose I can say though that it is a placement where I will get to try lots of things that I am interested in, so I will get to do some marketing, some fundraising, and some museum curator work. I am very excited to finally be doing something that will be using more of my skills, even if it means I will be somewhat poor for the foreseeable future! However, I will be able to do some more outfit posts again! It is rather sad how excited I am to be able to wear my own clothes after 3 years of a uniform 5 days a week. Whilst there won't any new purchases to show off (apart from the odd charity shop find I'd imagine!) I will get to rediscover all my pieces that have been rather unloved for the last 3 years. I've also got my sewing machine back recently so shall be providing myself with clothes! I'm not going to commit myself to my old university posting regularity of a few times a week, but hopefully I will be able to show you my outfits more often now.

I am also off home for the Easter week so have planned some good outfits to photograph next week. I am so looking forward to my first week off since October! It will be nice to just have a bit of a rest, watching telly with my cats on my lap, doing some cooking, and a few days out.

So, all in all, I am a pretty damn chuffed Hattie right now.